Quite simply, Raven Haircutters can deliver.


Raven Haircutters was founded in 1989 by Tony and Deborah Wilson with a simple idea:

Be creative.

Nearly thirty years later, this idea remains and is a sentiment that is echoed in all aspects of the salons existence. From the aesthetic of the salon itself, to the hair styles envisioned and crafted by the talented staff, Raven remains at the forefront of innovation in the salon industry.

But what separates Raven from the rest?

The fact that they have remained in the same Epsom location since their inception is testament to their resolute values. Raven have always maintained their promise to customers; providing amazing service at exceptional value.

Your hair is more than just a fashion statement. It is an extension of your personality. An expression of your internal self to the outside world. Raven understand this better than anyone, which is why when you walk in to the salon, you can relax in the confidence that any one of Raven’s stylists will take the time to understand your own vision for your hair before lending their expertise to ensuring you look your best.

It is this unparalleled customer experience that sees Raven continue to set the benchmark for the boutique salon experience.

Raven Haircutters. A Passion for the craft.